Stephanie, our Chef and Owner, worked for nearly a decade in the food service industry predominantly on the pastry side of things before baking up our paws. She graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a degree focused on Baking & Pastry Arts. After gaining her formal education, she continued to learn while working under several James Beard Award winning Chefs.


While working at the restaurants, Stephanie began dog sitting and volunteering at local shelters for fun. She had always had a love for all animals, but in particular dogs. It was working with these animals that made her realize she could combine both her passions. In 2015, she left the restaurant and started working with a quickly growing dog care company. After a few months of meeting new dogs and learning their different dietary needs, Piccadilly Paws was born.


We believe in the fair treatment of all animals which is why we use ethically responsible ingredients for our treats. 

When it comes to our ingredients, what we don’t put in our treats is just as important as what we do! All of Piccadilly Paws treats are free of wheat, soy, animal by-product, preservatives, and artificial flavoring and coloring.


5% of our profits are donated to help in the fight against animal homelessness and abuse.




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